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Finance Watch publishes fiscal policy advocacy kits

Finance Watch has published advocacy kits for Germany, France, Italy and Spain.


This kit contains the tools needed to support advocacy in Germany and at EU level using German connections. It is designed to support national level actors in lobby efforts to call for reforms to the EU system of economic governance.

Successful advocacy is a process rather than an isolated action. This kit is therefore designed to support a first concrete advocacy action that should be a kick off point for continued engagement.

The topic in a nutshell

Europe faces serious environmental, economic and social challenges that require a rethink on public intervention.

European governments cannot devise the fiscal and socio-economic policies they would like to, as they are constrained by a self-imposed maze of economic governance rules.

These rules are built on a series of debatable conceptions about public debt and the role played by the state. They need to be reformed to ensure the necessary public spending is possible for the transition to a just and sustainable economy.


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