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From the 9th October to the 10th November members of the Fiscal Matters coalition campaigned to change the EU's fiscal rules

See below why we think the fiscal rules need to change and how you can STILL get involved!

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Why support new EU fiscal rules?​

European leaders are updating rules about spending and borrowing. Rules in place today led to austerity, which meant less money for climate projects, led to more inequality and more polarisation. If we want to tackle the climate emergency and we want it to happen in just way, we need more public investments in solutions such as renewables, public transport and efficient housing. Right now, some politicians want to restrain government investment all across Europe with unnecessarily strict limits on spending. Raise your voice to fund our future! Please check out the many outputs our fiscal matters coalition members have published on this in our updates section. 

What’s wrong with the rules?

  1. Insufficient money for climate action: Under proposed rules, only four member states would be able to muster sufficient public investment to limit global warming to 1.5C. It's not right that opaque and unnecessarily strict rules limit government climate action. We need to fund our future!

  2. Private investment will never suffice: Big corporations tend to look for short-term profit, not long-term benefits for us all. Environmental regulations help, but we also need governments to invest in green and socially just solutions.

  3. Divides EU countries: Strict fiscal rules mean rich countries can benefit much more than other countries from the transition through investing in industrial policy to attract green manufacturing. We need solidarity!

  4. Bad for young people: Strict fiscal rules would impact young people most. It would mean less investment in schools, community centres and supporting young people building their futures. Strict debt limits hurt the young most


What can you do?

  • Social media engagement: Use your platforms to raise awareness about how limits on government spending stop necessary climate action. Share, retweet, and engage in conversations.

  • Connect with fellow activists: Collaborate with like-minded activists, exchange ideas, and strategize for a stronger collective impact.

  • Contact your MEPs and national governments: Reach out to representatives to express concerns about fiscal policy and climate action.

  • Connect with us: Contact us for guidance, resources, and support in your advocacy efforts. Together, we can work towards a sustainable future.

How to get involved?

Everything you need to join the movement is in this document


  • Key messages

  • Social media pack

  • Key arguments and briefing

  • Trade Union petition


To find out more about the fiscal matters coalition please look at our about page.

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