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The economy of the future is being created now. 21st century challenges are upon us: global public health, climate change, biodiversity loss, inequalities, gender equality and cohesion. We must seize new opportunities to build long term resilience. Fiscal and economic policy coordination will be decisive, in this decade and beyond, to steer the required transformation of European economies. 

A suitable course for fiscal policy needs to be informed by a vibrant public debate including perspectives from across the democratic political spectrum. This debate stands before us as a unique opportunity to do things differently and start a fresh chapter to European policy making against the backdrop of the upcoming re-launch of the public consultation on the economic governance review by the European Commission


FiscalMatters aims at a reform of Europe's fiscal rules by organising and elevating the voice of civil society through common actions like research, events and media interventions. Public investments are crucial to speed up the transition and allow everyone to access green and cost-saving solutions. Our FiscalMatters week of debate was the high-level moment on European fiscal policy in 2021, where we brought together high-level policy makers and prominent economists. In the following year we focused our efforts on influencing the Commission proposal, posting our own research and publishing our common demands. Most recently, we have launched our campaign #FundOurFuture calling on politicians to design fiscal rules that ensure all member states can transform their economies, attract new green manufacturing, create good quality jobs and reduce the cost of living through more efficient homes, more accessible public transport and better public services.


We are FiscalMatters - a group of civil society organisations, think tanks and trade union leaders, including:

● The European Trade Union Confederation
● The European Environment Bureau
● The European Youth Forum
● Climate Action Network Europe
● Finance Watch
● New Economics Foundation
● Greentervention
● Sustainable Finance Lab
● Social Platform

● ZOE Institute for Future-fit Economies 

● European Anti-Poverty Network

● Fiscal Future 

As academics, civil society, trade union leaders, activists and citizens, we are deeply concerned that the current fiscal framework prioritises debt reduction and balanced budgets over much more important human, economic and environmental outcomes – like creating well paid green jobs, lifting millions out of poverty, and implementing much needed green infrastructure projects. Accordingly, we work collaboratively to overhaul the current approach to fiscal policy and reshape our economies and tackle the unprecedented challenges facing the EU head on.  


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Our Partners

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